We build brands and products that sell.

With headquarters in New York, Dealco of NY has built a strong international production and distribution network. Dealco's manufacturing experience and global capabilities  provide the company with the ability to react efficiently to a fluid marketplace.

The depth of the company's expertise in the fashion and technology industry is demonstrated through the wide range of product it brings to market both through its licensed and proprietary brands.

Dealco provides design, production, sourcing marketing and corporate services to partnering brands. Dealco continues to grow their portfolio of fashion and lifestyle brands at all levels of distribution. Partnerships include roles as licensor, licensee and retail supplier, and can be structured according to individual requirements.


Dealco's proven track record of acquiring and licensing brands to reach their full potential has facilitated a diverse and individually tailored licensing program with global reach.

Dealco has assembled industry-leading designers, working personally with each design team to create looks that are at the very forefront of fashion trends. Each team utilizes dedicated and customized design environments for all aspects of the creative process.

Production  &  Sourcing
Dealco offers partners competitive production and sourcing  that include hand-made artisan production as well as full line manufacturing. Dealco's global infrastructure enables the manufacture of each style in the most advantageous country and factory. These organizations allow Dealco to meet client's needs from a quality, price and customer service standpoint. Dealco's technicians are some of the best in the world, specializing in the latest production techniques.

Brand  Management
Dealco works with brand owners, retailers, and manufacturing partners to engage new consumers by extending brands into new geographies and product categories. We have the abiltiy to manage websites, e-commerce platforms, brand campaigns, photo shoots, and executing fresh ideas into full fledged brands.

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